Dare to Wander WITHIN

Healing & Re(dis)coveries
through psychotherapies and spirit work



To wander, to travel without a destination is vulnerable, playful and liberating. Here, you are invited to wander within, embrace the uncertainty in order to re(dis)cover who you really are. Simply the desire to gain more clarity in an area is your light along the path. Wander with light, to discover your truth.



My work is not necessarily to make you feel better, but to support you in becoming better at feeling and processing blockages so that you can allow yourself to feel better. As a medium, Brainspotter, and art therapist, my role in Wander is to be with you through your travels within, neurobiologically & spiritually. I attune with you as your empathic witness, listener and grounding support. I believe in embracing the uncertainty in working with our infinite, innate abilities to heal, grow and expand our beings.